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Zyntix Cost Everyone’s body is composed of certain muscle tissues that will help them in either endurance or strength. Some people have more red muscle fibers than white muscle tissues and vice versa. Figuring out your muscle type is not only important to know but it can also affect your training and muscle growth to never before seen heights. By figuring out your muscle type you will know what works for you and what doesn’t and from that you will build an amazing physique.

Red Muscle Fibers:

Slow twitch muscle fibers are very slow to contract, hence the name slow twitch. However, though these muscle fibers can sustain muscular contractions for an extended period of time. This factor makes them ideal for endurance type training. Overall these fibers are fatigue resistant but are only able to produce a relatively low-level of force output.

They are also very red in color hence, why some people call them red muscle fibers. They are red in color due to the fact that these fibers having many capillaries flowing through them.

White Muscle Fibers:

Fast twitch muscle fibers can rapidly produce a high amount of force output when used. Zyntix This makes them quite suitable for sports such as power lifting, soccer and basketball. They are also white in color and contain an amazing amount of glycogen in them, making them suitable for power output rather than endurance.

Figuring Out Your Muscle Type:

To figure out what muscle fiber type you are made out off you should figure out your one rep maximum on any exercise and use about eighty percent of that weight. From there you will perform as many reps as you can.

Less than seven repetitions: More white muscle tissue

Seven to eights repetitions: Mixed muscle type tissue

More than eight repetitions: More red muscle tissue

If you have more white muscle tissue you should probably use heavier weight and train to complete muscular failure at six to eight repetitions. However, if you have more red muscle tissue you should do more reps with medium weight and train to complete muscular failure.

Remember that some muscle groups have more slow twitch muscle tissue than fast twitch muscle tissue and vice versa. Therefore, you have to do this test for all of your muscle groups because not all muscle groups are built the same. Eventually from that you will develop a training program which works for you.

Whatever your goal is (either fat loss or muscle gain), your nutrition should be in the ratio of –

 Summer is finally here and everyone wants to look good for it. Yet, all around me I see people who want to look like that “guy” on the fitness magazines, yet they don’t really want it. You might have seen this “guy” many times in fitness magazine. He is usually on the cover of every major fitness magazine and is ripped to shreds with abdominal muscles. These people want to look like that “guy” yet don’t put in the time in order to look like that.

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