Pure Nitro Max Advantages, The deer antler benefits are aplenty

Pure Nitro Max Advantages The deer antler benefits are aplenty and it’s something that most readers might already be aware of. There have been numerous magazine articles and news of professional athletes associated with the healthy extract.

The extract comes from the velvet that is present prior to the solidification of a deer’s horns. Due to its properties, the velvet has been harvested from deer for centuries.

As an additional note for those who might be concerned about the safety of the animal, the velvet is harvested humanely and the deer experiences no injury or pain.

Mental Acuity

A landmark Russian study examined whether the extract would prove beneficial in boosting mental acuity.

In the study that was performed, students who used antler velvet extract demonstrated a heightened mental acuity through improved performance. This was in comparison to previous personal results as well as over the control group.

Follow-up studies testing the same hypothesis have supported the improvements made to mental acuity.

Anti-Stress & Anti-Aging

A New Zealand study that refers to previous Russian studies show that patients who were given Pure Nitro Max the extract were less affected by stress and also there were secondary anti-aging properties that were found.

Both studies, as well as follow-up studies that have shown similar results, have created an elevated level of curiosity in the scientific community and what might have been alternative my soon become traditional.

Immune System Booster

A study done by researchers in New Zealand has found properties that provide the elements needed for a heightened immune system.

The natural properties of the extract provides one of the most beneficial deer antler benefits, and that is by boosting the immune system to make it stronger at fighting infections and other foreign bodies that the immune system feels that it must neutralize.

Performance Enhancer

By increasing the performance of muscles while decreasing the time required for recovery, the extract has proved beneficial and studies have shown why this occurs.

The extract contains elements that boost the production of testosterone and the metabolites that are associated with it. Essentially, the antler velvet extract works in a similar manner to that of another supplement, androstemediaone, or andro for short.

The adrenal glands and gonads produce andro and then the substance is converted to testosterone in the liver. Past Soviet era studies support this and as of late there has been a renewed interest in the study of this benefit.


The deer antler benefits that are provided for sufferers of arthritis have been supported by the American FDA based upon scientific studies and their results.

This is because the extract contains prostaglandins that assist in the reduction of joint swelling. Furthermore, this combined with glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate provide the properties necessary for repair and regrowth of the cartilage that is present in joints.

Multiple double blind studies support this hypothesis and often the extract is being given to older adults and for those suffering from juvenile arthritis because of its reduction in swelling and the associated pain.

It also has the potential to boost the regrowth of damaged cartilage.

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