Jack Hammer XL Plan Your body will want to throw

Jack Hammer XL Plan If your mission is to build muscle then you have to squat, this one exercise will put muscle on your frame without a doubt. But first you have to decide which group of people you fall into.

The world is composed of three types of people.

Group No 1: Action Takers

The first group make stuff happen they know what they want and take action to get to their goal no matter what.With a single-minded focus they never take their eyes off the prize.

When it comes to muscle building they always do one thing, they squat and squat and squat.Go to the gym and look at anyone who has built muscle and a physique to be proud of and one thing you’ll find is that they are squatting. Jack Hammer XL

Group No 2: Bystanders

The next group of people are bystanders, they watch stuff happen. They have no plan, they cruise along and hope for results.Most Average Joes fit into this category. They want more muscle and strength but are hesitant to put squats into their workout.

But if they do include squats it’s without a purpose or plan and eventually they give up due to a lack of results.Inevitably the excuses follow, “squats are hard on my knees” or “squats are bad for my back”.

We will address these excuses later in the article.If you want to break the average tag, drop the excuses.Group No 3: Hoppers

Lastly there are people who are looking for the magic bullet. They are constantly on the lookout for the next trick or trend that promises big, strong muscles.They hop from one thing to the next never stick to anything and hence get no results.

The secret to building muscle fast is to start squatting. It is been given the title of the king of leg exercises for good reason and when combined with dead lifts and bench presses you have a powerful trio for mass and strength building.

It’s unfortunate but in many gyms the squat rack sits idle collecting dust. People would rather wear pants and hide their legs.For many the other reason they avoid squats is that they are hard work. When performed properly they get your heart rate up, you breath harder, and you’ll be sweating buckets.

Your body will want to throw in the towel but that’s because you are using so many upper and lower body muscle groups. It really is a full body exercise that can get you amazing results.

Metabolism Booster

The added benefit of an exercise that uses so many muscles is the effect it has on your metabolism. When you elevate your metabolism you’ll burn fat more effectively.

Muscle Builder

Squats make the body release more growth hormone which in turn leads to more muscle growth and increased strength.Seriously the benefits listed above make squatting the greatest bang for your buck exercise going around. So why do so many avoid it like the plague?

Attention Hard Gainers!!

If you want to get more muscle then you need to be squatting. Forget the bicep curls and lat raises get under the bar and squat.

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