Andronite Enhanced Life There are a few fitness tests

Andronite Enhanced Life There are a few fitness tests which can give us a pretty good idea of where we stand when it comes to overall health. The two tests we will describe here can be done at any time in nearly any place. In fact, when you are finished reading this masterpiece (that’s meant to be humorous) you can get up and try them out yourself. It gives you some idea of your core strength, flexibility and stability which according to tests is vital for healthy aging.

1. The sitting-rising test. This test, called the SRT, was put forth by Brazilian researchers just a few years ago. The concept is pretty simple, but the scoring system is a little like Olympic ice skating. It involves the ability to sit on the floor from a standing position and then stand from that sitting position. The goal is to sit and stand without touching the floor without anything but the feet, which can be crossed in the process.

You start the exercise with five points for each part, sitting and standing, and whenever a hand, elbow  Andronite Enhanced or any other body part touches the floor you lose a point. You lose one-half point if you lose your balance on the way down or up. To be in top shape you should score no fewer than eight points total or basically one touch to the floor up and down without losing any balance.

This is one test for muscular-skeletal fitness, and this measure of flexibility and muscular strength it is believed is vital to longevity. The Brazilian researchers maintain a direct correlation exists between how high you score on the test and the number of years one can expect to live. That may be a bit of an overreach, but certainly core strength, balance and overall flexibility are important to healthy aging.

2. The plank abdominal exercise. This exercise, also referred to as the hover, is quite easy to describe but harder to maintain for any length of time. In a face-down position, only the toes and the forearms should be touching the floor. The torso should be kept in a straight and rigid position, then just hold that position for as long as you can.

The minimum time you should be able to do is two minutes. This is really a test of core muscle strength versus amount of weight carried around the midsection. Obviously most of the weight that will have to be supported is midsection weight. So if you are having difficulty reaching the two minute mark it may be due to excessive belly fat, which is known to be the most dangerous health wise.

These are just two tests that can be easily self-administered to how you shape up. But they are also a couple of excellent body weight exercises that can be done without going to a health club. The plank, for instance can be tweaked to work out other areas. From the plank position raise one leg off the floor for fifteen seconds, then the other.

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