Alpha Monster Advanced Plan One of the most effective variables

Alpha Monster Advanced Plan Previous articles I explained in great detail the many different HIT or high intensity techniques that are used to increase intensity during bodybuilding training to dramatically increase muscle size and strength.

Variables such as forced reps, negatives, negative-accentuated, omni-contraction, rest-pause and many others were included in routines that reward the bodybuilder with much more rapid gains than traditional, lower intensity programs will.

One of the techniques, Rolling Static Partials, was utilized in several of the routines. Instead of rehashing all of the variables explained in my previous article this article is going to focus on my Rolling Static Partials variable, explaining it in more detail.

What makes this HIT variable so effective? Each of the other variables effect the muscles being trained in a unique way. Rolling Static Partials combine the benefits of all three.

Burn reps increase the intensity by quickly accelerating demands on the muscle by grinding out Alpha Monster Advanced additional short reps after the trainee is no longer capable of completing more full reps.

Partials, or zone reps, focus on maximizing effort on different portions of an exercise and enable the lifter to hit muscular failure more than once during an exercise. There are endless variations on zones in an exercise so this variable allows one to train a muscle with what amounts to a new exercise every session if desired.

Super-X Contractions is a versatile technique, which like zone partials, offers nearly limitless variations. For example, holds can be done at the sticking point of an exercise or at the portion, or zone, where you are strongest. TOC, or time under contraction, can be 1-40 seconds in duration depending on the desired effect. This is one of the most, if not the most intense variable, making it one of the most productive for muscle-building and strength development.

Partial Reps

One of the most effective variables for overcoming and training beyond sticking points in an exercise, whether its one of the power lifts or a regular training exercise, is partial reps. This is due to its ability to isolate and train an individual portion of a movement and build its strength. This in turn enables heavier weights to be used and additional strength to be built.

Another reason this technique is so effective is the multiple times failure is achieved during a set. When an exercise is done in the traditional way failure is attained once.

When partials are used each zone is taken to failure, increasing total set failure 3-6 times! Remember the success of a set, and training for that matter, is the amount of effort put forth. If sets aren’t taken to failure then the results obtained will be substantially less than what is possible.

One of the problems with free weights is the imperfect leverage the barbell or dumbbell gives during an exercise. There are points in an exercise where the barbell gives ideal resistance but the angles vary greatly and resistance levels change dramatically throughout.

Properly calibrated weight machines fix this problem by varying the resistance level as the leverage changes to maintain the proper workload for a given muscle.

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